Business Intelligence

Dashboards & Metrics, Costing, Operations Analysis...

Investor and Startup Services

Business Modeling, Due Diligence, Valuations, Strategic Planning...

Emergency Accounting

Accounting system catch-up, audit preparation, Bank & investment documents

Have you ever wondered...

What does it cost to make our products?

We analyze your purchasing and production procedures to determine your costs, and then implement new standards and strategies.

Should I buy or invest in this company?

We create complex business models, perform due diligence reviews and calculate income, asset, or market-based valuations

How much cash do our customers owe us?

If your accounting system is out of control, you likely may be missing severe problems or unique opportunities.

What big opportunities are we missing?

Regular review of key performance indicators will allow you to stay on top your company's operations and competitive environment.

Should I sell or divest from this company?

Our analytics will help you evaluate your current business situation to determine whether your business is where it should be.

Can we afford that tradeshow in Italy?

Cash is king and we help you maintain the optimal balances of liquidity, debt, and investment capital.

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